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Quantum physics library for Quantum Wheel game jam 2019
Updated 2019.02.11
Updated 2019.04.17
......@@ -7,31 +7,23 @@ Requirements
- Unity 2018.3+, tested on Unity 2018.3.4
- Demo requires TextMeshPro essentials installed in Unity
!!! IMPORTANT: Make sure you run every python command within Python 3.7 environment. !!!
!!! This makes a difference if you have both Python 2 and Python 3 installed. !!!
Using Python
- Before accessing any python calls. The application *should* call PythonLoader.Load() otherwise application will use installed python environment on the system, and will crash if there is none installed.
- Default paths for standalone python environment are Plugins/QuantumWheel/.Python for Editor and .Python (same folder where the executable is located) for Build.
Note that "Build and Run" will not start the build from the build folder.
1. Install Python 3.7
- select pip, and optionally tk
2. Unpack
3. Initialize the Quantum Wheel library in Python.
- Run python command:
python -m pip install ./
4. Set API compatibility level to .NET 4.x in Unity
1. Set API compatibility level to .NET 4.x in Unity
- Edit/Project Settings/Player/Other Settings/Configuration/Api Compatibility Level
5. Install the unity package in Unity
2. Install the unity package in Unity
6. Open the demo scene in Plugins/QuantumWheel/Scenes and run.
3. Open the demo scene in Plugins/QuantumWheel/Scenes and run.
Linux (deprecated)
1. Install the following packets
- libpython3.7
......@@ -52,7 +44,7 @@ Linux
6. Open the demo scene in Plugins/QuantumWheel/Scenes and run.
OSX (deprecated)
1. Install Python 3.7
......@@ -80,24 +72,8 @@ Troubleshooting
- Unity should display a dialogue about installing these, so just click them, wait and close window. Clear log to see if errors persist.
2. Unity throws some errors about Python
- Make sure Python version is up to date 3.7.
- Update Python
- Make sure you ran the python script which is required for initialization.
- Run script again
- Make sure the Python environment you're using is Python 3.7 and not something else.
Running builds made with Quantum Wheel plugin
- Run steps 1-3
- You may include the gym-stirap folder/directory in your redistributable package, but Python3.7 still needs to be installed and the library still needs to be initialized.
Manual installation from repository
- git clone
- cd gym-stirap
- git checkout quantum_wheel
- python -m pip install -e ./
\ No newline at end of file
- Copy Plugins/QuantumWheel/.Python folder to the same folder as the builds executable.
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